Stop #2: Boise, Idaho


After leaving my Canadian cell phone at the T mobile in Portland and the ensuing 2 hour delay we arrived in Boise late last night. Our minor detour meant we didn’t have much time to explore the town other than a quick drive through the cute, well kept bustling downtown core before we settled into our hotel for the night.

This morning the heat was up around 18 degrees ( or 66 degrees as I need to get used to thinking of it) before the sun was even fully overhead. Jay and I quickly realized we’d officially left our familiar Pacific Northwest landscape and climate behind and had begun our trek through the beginning of the southwest desert. We naively attempted a workout in a none air conditioned gym but lasted all of 15 minutes (thank you crossfit for being quick and efficient) due to the heat.

The Idaho landscape is surprisingly pretty. I haven’t even picked up my book yet on the trip because the view out my window is so captivating. Idaho is seeded with quaint small towns, rolling fields and bursting sandstorms. I know dry, open space can be thought of as dull but I have loved all the kitschy farm houses surrounded by lazy dairy cows and grungy work trucks that dot the interstate. That is about the extent of our brief and rather uneventful stop over in Idaho.

Now we are off to explore Utah and the Great Salt Lake before we arrive in Salt Lake.


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