Home, sweet, home

Well needless to say the past few weeks have been chaotic but so unbelievably amazing it has made all the madness worth it.  Since the last post we have bought a house, moved into the house, reno’d the garage, got tenants, had my 25th birthday, visited my grandparents, had weekend visitors and managed to sneak in a quick 8 day getaway to Florida.


Our First Home

You can ask my mom.  As a little girl, my favourite game was house and my dream was to buy a house and have 5 children. (Although, my mom was a nurse in labour and delivery at the time and I had been there to pick her up from work and nothing about child birth sounded like much fun so my lofty life plan was to have one myself and she could just have all the rest for me.)  I began saving for that dream with my very first pay check from the Empress, and thanks more to God’s providence (and our amazing realtor Peter Gray ) than to my saving, it became a reality this spring.


Move in Day

We moved into the cook street village area of our hometown of Victoria, British Columbia.  Prior to house hunting, Jay and I spent many nights awake praying and cultivating our list of ideal attributes for our future home.  Now the housing market in Victoria is as fierce as it is expensive. We also had a set of strict criteria, but decided to put the Fairfield/Cook Street village area on our list of neighbourhoods. However, seeing as this is one of the most desirable spots in Victoria, we were a little unsure of how successful we would be finding a home that met our lofty criteria in the area.  However, after only a short time looking we managed to find:

1. A home with a great kitchen for all my culinary pursuits.

Image2. A home with a two bedroom suite for us to rent out while we are in New York.


3. A home with a layout that was made for entertaining 


4. A home in a walkable neighbourhood with amenities like schools, parks, excellent coffee (a must) and a block from the beach for our future family to grow into.


Since moving in we have put all our ideals to the test by having the people we love over for dinner parties, brunches, girls nights, sleepovers, iron chef competitions, Mother’s day lunches, tea dates and one large 25th birthday party. We have had 3 of our nieces and nephews over to test out Beacon Hill Park which is half a block away (complete with zip line) and the beach at Dallas road which is a block and a half away.  While we have cooked, entertained and child proofed we realized that we had dreamed too small and that what God had envisioned for us and for our home was so much greater.

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Proverbs 24: 3-4

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