DIY Colour Dipped Stools

20130404-180221.jpgJay and I are getting ready to move into our first home, which means we are knee deep in moving boxes and a handful of home improvement projects. It also means my Pinterest addiction is on overdrive.  This little project was inspired by one  of my favorite parts of our new home -a huge, carrera marble  kitchen island (perfect for hosting all those we love).  In order to compliment the space I wanted to revamp our bar stools to go with it, which resulted in these super simple stools that add a great pop of colour.

DIY Colour Dipped Stools


  • Stools
  • Sand paper
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint brush
  • Primer
  • Paint (I used acrylic paint)
  • Glaze


  1. Rough up the chairs a little.  I didn’t go too crazy, just a rough buff to get the glaze off the stools.
  2. Measure the same length of the legs and then tape off each leg at that point.  I left about 4 inces from the bottom.
  3. Prime the entire area that will be painted but be careful not to paint the wood below the tape.  Let air dry according to the directions.
  4. Paint the primed area.  Make sure you do all the undersides and nooks of the stool.  I used two coats to ensure a solid colour.  Let the stools dry.
  5. Glaze the entire stool (wood legs included) to seal the stools.  Allow it to try and use.

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