The Halfhill Wedding

561519_10101402374876540_604324841_nLast June Jay and I ventured down south to New Orleans and Texas for the wedding of one of his closest friends and the best man at our wedding.  Finally, months later they have posted pictures of their spectacular day.  In short the entire event was stunning.  The bride was breathtaking and the groom and groomsmen handsome (I know I may be bias being wife of a groomsman, but check it out for yourself). The Halfhill’s are beautiful couple inside and out and we consider ourselves blessed to know them.  Their perfectly styled yellow and grey wedding took place on an expansive green lawn, nestled beside a lake in the middle of Dallas. Every detail, down to the too cute yellow owls and candy bar, reflected the beauty and class that is found in this couple. Take a peak at a few of the special moments their amazing photographer captured (

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